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Resident Corner

Caitlin Collins, M.D. talks about her favorite aspects as a UCSF resident such as the breadth of experience, varied and diverse hospital sites including every resident's favorite hospital, the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. She shares details about her familial bonding with her co-residents and being able to highlight each other's strengths. 

Jonathan Freise, M.D., M.S. on his first impression of UCSF's welcoming community as a medical student and then proceeding to his residency wherein in just the first month he was already welcomed by exciting cases and rotations.

Daniel Hoffman, M.D. shares forming great friendships with fellow residents and helping him get through long days and weeks since day one. Dr. Hoffman continues gaining confidence towards his goal of specializing in surgical oncology, hepatobiliary or abdominal transplant.

Yvonne Kelly, M.D.'s vivid recollection on one of the coolest things she did as a UCSF General Sugery Resident and gearing towards being a transplant surgeon learning from UCSF's phenomenal abdominal transplant progam. 

Quoc-Hung "Key" Nguyen, M.D. warmly shares about the consistently positive culture of UCSF throughout his seven years of residency and describes being inspired by his colleagues. Dr. Key Nguyen excitedly announces matching in a pediatric surgery fellowship program which has been his life-long dream.

Keon Young "KYP" Park, M.D. recounts her big transition and move from General Surgery residency at University of Wisconsin to UCSF. Dr. KYP gives advice and encouragement to applicants that you are not alone with moving to a different city, program and role and to find a program that supports this transition in every way possible. 

James Ross, M.D., M.S.on being able to check off his bullet points for a residency program that matches his interest at UCSF- academic program, county hospital system with diverse patient population and a strong research enterprise. Dr. Ross also talks about the important roles that Residents on shaping the residency program itself. 
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